About Polkadotted Chaos
Polkadotted Chaos is a site dedicated to providing readers with insight on branding, social media and parenting. Started in 2007 as a blog, Polkadotted Chaos has now evolved into a site where readers can come to read about the latest in personal and business-based branding, social media trends and the always fun daily musings of parenting. 

About Taylor 
Taylor, the editor behind Polkadotted Chaos is based out of Oklahoma, started blogging in 2007. Throughout the past decade, she has returned to PC and evolved the site to reflect her current lifestyle. Now as a wife, mother of two, and working PR professional, she once again returns, but now to provide insight in areas she feels others can use to help better their businesses, brands, blogs and to hopefully connect with other parents who are navigating their way through raising kids.

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  1. Newest follower :) Stopping by from the Blart Hop. Looking forward to reading more.

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  3. I'm stopping in from the BLART hop and noticed you share my love of the colour teal, the word chaos and pretty polka dots - I was sold.

    Rosie xo

  4. Love your blog. I too stopped by from the BLART blog. :)


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